Thursday, January 12, 2017

TOP 3 Best Technology that keeps IT Professionals up to date

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

As IT professionals it's IMPORTANT to make yourself on track on what's the changes latest changes in the technology world, specially in security, cloud and more.

Am I correct?

I'm one of the IT people, I don't care if they say I'm crazy or what. Being updated won't left you in the dust by the competitors.

Anyway, I have listed some great resources I frequently visits to keep me on the loop.

My TOP 3 IT content publishing websites

1. - one of my favorite website ever since. The latest IT news and IT jobs, IT management and technology news, blogs, jobs, case studies, whitepapers and videos.

2. - an easy to navigate website and you can easily find the technology you want, good if your looking for events.
3. - easy to navigate too, what I like is all trusted vendor's content are published and can find events, webinars, free white papers and product information.

These are just the top 3, I wanted to write 10 on the list because I'm lazy I just make it 3. I'll post more on the next day.

I'm sharing this to all IT professionals and encouraging them to stay updated and win against their competitors.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Information Technology in 2016

Years have passed and our technology keeps on growing to help our daily live's easy and fruitful. Many have asked what's in store for us in 2016 when it comes to information technology?. And It's just been few months have passed on the birth of 2016 and many things happened and evolved in our technology.

 In 2016, IoT, Simple IT, co-location and cloud, gigabit, security, analytics and business intelligence, SDDC and BYOD show some movement for improvement.

1. IoT gets practical (internet of things) - Will give us the telemetry allowing devices to send updates without having to work too hard. Which I think will be beneficial for everyone. And In terms of the benefits this will give us a long term of boosting productivity and smart business will decisions will be profound.

2. Converging towards simpler IT - adapting to converging IT will increase for businesses and it's for simplification.

3. The rise of co-location and cloud - On this aspect, some will be eliminated like data centre builds -brick and mortar- and this will in favour of co-location and cloud.

4. 100 gigabit switches are born - yes, you read it right! we're going to see 100 gigabit switch offerings consist of around 32 ports in one 1U chassis.

5. Everything security - This year focusing on for every aspect of IT security. Starting with networking to physical access security.

6. SDDC gets real - Software-defined data centre will give a big step by making it a reality as virtualization of computing, storage and networks and all become part of the corporate IT tactics for developing companies.

    With this kind of changes, I can see that we are looking for a brighter future that the next generation will inherit from us and surely IT will grow as time gone by.