Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Disadvantage of technology gadgets for kids


The continued growth of technology gives us a better life and making things easy in almost everything; home, work, travel, and more. I remember when I bought my kids his very own smart phone and android tablet. I thought it will be an advantage for him having those stuff for us for communication purposes and for him to stay in one place while playing with his tablet.

After a few months, I noticed that he is staying up late even though we told him to get to sleep, he just prevent to sleep then go back playing and watching video when we're asleep, I told him to stop watching those videos because of the bad words I'm hearing but I didn't ask him to quit playing it.

As years go by, he manages to stop or maybe watch the videos not so often but the bad thing is, his eye sight got very poor. We went to ophthalmologists and find out his eye sight went down to -200 at age 9. So, we decided to keep the gadgets out of his sight but he still manages to find ways to play and watch videos on YouTube.

I guess it's too late for us to bring back his normal eye sight, I don't want to blame the technology, I guess this is one of the disadvantages of technology but it's up to us (adults/parents) on how we use the technology for our kids. I suggest, don't let your children use gadgets on early stage, if not, make sure take control of the use and monitor them more often.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tableau Reveals the Skinny on Analytics

 Data Analytics has been a useful body of knowledge that is believed to help enterprises make the best business decisions. But what else is there to know about data analytics and big data? Tableau speaks about it all in latest white paper.

It is already known to analysts that exploring data, especially big data, has essential advantages in coming up with the best decisions for the business. Other benefits of getting in touch with data does not just include proving a point, it also helps in discovering opportunities, forecasting areas of improvement, and mitigating potential crises.

However, there are still some things about data analytics and big data analytics that need to be clarified and discussed. In a latest white paper, titled Define Analytics: The changing role of BI’s favorite catch-all term, Tableau summarizes in 13 pages the many other things that data analytics could potentially be.

The main chapters in this white paper include discussion on Visual Analytics, Advanced Analytics, the Cycle of Analytics, and the concluding chapter which emphasizes on analytics as a driver for innovation.

This paper also aims to clear up the difference among the subsets of analytics; how these concepts intersect and why it matters to the users, decision makers and IT leaders.

Check out the key terms and phrases that attempt to define analytics today and download Tableau’s white paper, Define Analytics: The changing role of BI’s favorite catch-all term. Visit ITUpdate to get access to this white paper and see more publications from Tableau Software.

Photo Credit to rcrwireless.com